Cut Chemist

25th of February, 2012,
The Hi-fi,
125 Boundary Street,
West End,
QLD, Australia

Hes a founding member of the legendary west coast hip hop crew Jurassic 5 and the hugely successful worldlatinbeats posse Ozomatli.

Cut Chemist also collaborated with DJ Shadow on two of the most in-demand remix CDs ever and is regarded by all as a virtuoso of decks, cuts and loops.

Now the turntablist extraordinaire brings his envelope-pushing live show to Australia for his cut n scratch audio-visual blowout; Sound Of Tha Police.

This is Cut Chemist at the peak of his powers, a master craftsman, creating some of the wildest slabs of music you have ever heard right in front of your eyes using turntables, a mixer, a loop pedal and all original vinyl pressings. Accompanying Cut Chemist is long-time visual collaborator, Tom Fitzgerald, the virtual founding father of LAs Cinefamily and king of disintegrating digital video deconstructions; a guy who is able to manipulate, warp and destroy clips in ways that are hilarious, groovy, musical and psychedelicized like no other.

The music chosen for this mix goes quite a bit deeper into the crate than his other contributions. Driven by his passion for Ethiopian, Colombian, Sudanese and Afro-Brazilian sounds respectively, this mix also features a few classic tunes you might recognize. Sound Of Tha Police by Cut Chemist puts it all in context to help the listener remember that hip hop culture is indeed rooted in Africa.

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