Sampology's Super Visual Monster Mash

21st of May, 2011
The Zoo,
711 Ann Street,
Fortitude Valley,
QLD, Australia

Think of the Super Visual Monster Mash like turning a live music venue into a cinema for the night and dancing your butt off to your favourite movies, tv shows and music clips of all time. All performed live by an internationally renowned turntable technician. Super Visual Monster Mash is Sampology's third instalment in his legendary Super Visual AVDJ series. Inspired by horror films bad and good, from today and decades ago, Super Visual Monster Mash features cameo appearances by Charlie Sheen, Kenny Powers, Bill Murray, ET, Freddy Kruger, , Harry, (and The Hendersons) Jason Voorhees, Michael J Fox and Hulk Hogan, scarier than you've ever seen him. The technical aspect to Sampology's Super Visual AVDJ shows is pretty darned impressive. He's madly manipulating video via two turntables and a mixer and triggering animations from his drum machine, all projected live onto a big-ass widescreen. But it's Sampology's cheeky sense of humour, sprinkled across the exerts from film and TV shows, filmclips, YouTube clips and vintage VHS finds that takes your ordinary club night and turns it into a stupidly exciting and crazy fun visual mashup. Its like dancing your tits off at your favourite movie of all time, and laughing the whole way through. Fresh from his US tour including SXSW, New York and LA, and his return national tour following Big Day Out earlier this year, don't miss Sampology's Super Visual Monster Mash Australian tour. Brisbane support is from the fine talents of Tom Thum delivering a world class performance using his vocal chords, a mic, samplers and effects pedals as well as some very special guests embracing the Monster Mash spirit - Cutloose & Dr Rhythm, (dex and drums exorcism) Wolfwolf, (live) Jason 'Voorhees' Miert vs Fid 'Freddy Kruger' Frantic, Charlie 'Ghostface' Hustle vs Danny 'Death Trap' Cool and Ill 'Frank the Rabbit' Kid. This one's a dressup folks, get amongst the Super Visual Monster Mash vibe - there's a monstrous prize on the night for Sampology's favourite horrific getup.

Featuring Brisbane's Finest: 8.00pm – 9.15pm:
Jason “Voorhees” Van Miert VS Fid “Freddy Kruger” Frantic VS Ill “Frank The Rabbit” Kid

9.15pm – 9.55pm:
Charlie “Ghostface” Hustle VS Danny “Deathtrap” Cool

9.55pm – 10.15pm:
WolfWolf (live)

10.15pm – 10.45pm:
Tom Thum

10.45pm – 12.00am:
Sampology’s Super Visual Monster Mash

12.00am – 12.30am:
Cutloose & Dr Rhythm

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