The Remix 2009

17th of October, 2009
Suncorp Piazza,
The Parklands, Southbank,
QLD, Australia

The world’s largest high school dance competition with over 30 high schools competing.

1-on-1 popping.

1-on-1 breaking.

2-on-2 open breaking.

Crew hip hop performances.

Crew performances from high schools, dance studios, and independent crews.
High school street dance crews.

MC: Tankstarr - the entertainer.

Performances by:
Skill @ Will, Shift-1, Affiliate Squad and Ice Famz, Trick Nasty Crew, Dirty Mob, DJ Juicy, DJ Blaze (Video DJ performance), DJ Master D, DJ Oscar

Tommy Lee, Anthony Lawang AKA Lamaroc AKA Lovin Lama (Fresh Sox), Alvin De Castro (Beatphonics), Gianne Abbot, Aidan McKenzie (Trick Nasty Crew), Sarah Kidd

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